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About Me

Hi! Alexandra here. I’ve spent years tinkering with other people’s patterns or scribbling ideas down on various scraps of paper before taking the leap into publishing my own work. It's incredibly exciting to share my designs with you and see the wonderful things you make with them.

I love patterns that create functional items that are also beautiful and I have patterns for all skill levels and difficulties. I love patterns that have a mix and match quality and you'll always find options and alternatives in anything I create, especially socks. I love offering different options in sock patterns. I hope you'll find something here that interests you.

Just in case you’re wondering – Kororā are the little blue penguins native to the Southern Hemisphere. They are rambunctious, raucous and generally adorable. Although I’m now based in Canada, I’m originally from New Zealand and its always fun to find these guys hanging out in the middle of the night on a beach somewhere.