New yarn



My beautiful yarn from The Blue Brick arrived today. I bought it on pre-order as a total impulse buy and I’m so pleased I did.

The colourway is called Ireland and it is intended as a shawl for my mother. Having the yarn arrive on the day that we find out she is getting her vaccine dose on St Patrick’s Day is just perfect.

This yarn is a blend of merino, cashmere and silk and has been hand painted to get the amazing tones you can see. I’ve got 1000 yards in a fingering weight. This will be a late spring/early summer 2021 knit.

I know it will be a lace wrap, but shape and design are currently up in the air!

Far over the misty mountains cold

I got this beautiful yarn for Christmas from Dragon Hoard Yarns as an advent calendar. It took me this long to take a photo and stop admiring them. I’ve added them to the hoard while I work out what will show these glorious skeins off to their best advantages. In the meantime I’ll just take them out of hoard and murmur my precious over them occasionally.

For yarn dyers out there. Please do yarn advent calendars. I am ready to impulse buy all of them (budget allowing).

Mistletoe and Wine

Well wine-coloured yarn anyway. I got my beautiful Christmas yarn from DragonHoard Yarns today. Love it. But now I have a dilemma. Do I make amazing socks for me or an amazing Christmas stocking for Nutmeg.

Note: both options will be amazing, it’s just a question of giving or keeping for myself. Decisions, decisions. Good thing I’ve got lots of time to work out what I want to do as it will be my 2021 Christmas project

In the meantime – look at that yarn! Not only are the colours gorgeous but it also has amazing hand feel. It is soft and strong with no scratchiness from the gold sparkle. Also the gold sparkle is everywhere! Hard to really capture on the camera, but it’s all over the yarn!

Baby Alpaca

I got some lovely baby alpaca yarn on sale and I’ve been hand-winding it into balls yesterday and today. If you ever want a very soothing repetitive task hand-winding wool is a good one!

I haven’t ever used baby alpaca before and it is lovely soft yarn, can’t wait to find out how it knits up!

Yarn Shopping

I’ve bought a whole bunch of new yarn this week. I can’t wait for it to all turn up and then create some wonderful things. Now I just have to be patient and let it turn up!

I’ve got paintbox cotton coming which is earmarked for a baby sleeping bag and some tea towels.

Then some sock yarn – jewel mix happy feet by Plymouth yarn and Cascades heritage in solar colourway. I think of these two as exciting autumnal socks. I have no idea what design its going to be but it will be cooler nights, crisp leaves and bonfire inspired.

Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet 100
Cascade Heritage Wave

Then I got super exciting when Knit Picks issued some new sock yarn and bought the value pack of all the new colours. I don’t know what will happen here. It could be socks, crescent shawl(s) a mixture. But I’m excited to see this yarn and find out how I can use it and what I can create. I think there are some great options here.

Finally and perhaps most excitingly I finally bit the bullet and bought some yarn from the amazing Songbird Fibres. If you’re yarn obsessed like me this is yarn porn. Glorious colourways, hand dyed and uniquely beautiful. I got the glorious lovebird yarn which will make a male and female duck pair of socks. Look at those amazing colours. The rest of her site is just extraordinary and gorgeous. I have plans…..