Sweetheart socks and Cat

Sweetheart socks and Cat

I’d finished the socks this Friday and decided to do some photos, get the math finalized and publish pattern by October 30th. I’m still on track for that, but the cat was all interested in ‘helping’ with these photos. My concern is that although adorable 

Bad Hair Day Hat update

I know – I promised this pattern ages ago. The first test went swimmingly and then I ordered some lovely yarn to do a final for photos for the pattern. It was dispatched by seller on 4 September. It made it out the States fairly 

Hobbies that upset you

Yesterday on Ravelry I responded to someone in their forums who had recently taken up knitting. They were knitting every evening and no matter the pattern they were finding it super stressful. To the point of tears stressful. Which I think everyone can agree is 


I just discovered today about the word clue being related to a ball of yarn in English. How cool is that? It all relates to the Minotaur and Ariadne giving Theseus a ball of thread to guide him out of the labyrinth. She literally gave 

It’s in the mail

Had a bit of a melt-down yesterday afternoon. Nutmeg and I went for a short walk and got to return books to the library and get new books out. Yay! The library was open and it was great. Then I had to send a package 


I’m trying to expand beyond Ravelry given their issues with accessibility. I love them, and actually like the new website design. Though I’m not sold on the dogs in balloons! But I know a lot of people have had significant issues. So I’m trying to 

Test update

Test update

Nutmeg had her test today – It was fine, she was very displeased, but was feeling wretched as well. I think this is the only time ever where I have been pleased to hear that it is most likely Strep throat. So now we have 

Simple childhood illness in pandemic times

We are off for our first COVID tests today. Nutmeg got ill after attending a summer camp – which was great and they took lots of precautions – and it probably isn’t even COVID. But wow, dealing with a simple childhood illness, fever, sore throat,