January CAL

January CAL

Edit from 14 Feb 2022: I finished my granny square blanket and there were highs and a couple of totally self inflicted lows. I loved doing it and I think I am now addicted to Granny Squares. I’m already planning a stash busting battenberg afghan with hundreds of mini granny squares!

I am not a natural crocheter. Two needles I understand, I can edit a pattern on the fly, can see where the designer is going and it all just flows. Give me a single hook though and things get interesting. By which I mean historically disastrous!

But no more. I have discovered joy in crochet. I love the factory aspect of making an afghan where you can make all the starting rounds for the individual squares and then either continue on and make each individual square or make do round 2, 3, 4 etc for all of them. I like that way because it means I finish the afghan all at once.

This particular afghan is a CAL being run by Germander Cottage Crafts. It’s got videos and written instructions and is a great way to ease into trying something new. Granny square afghans are often associated with the worst of fiber arts, old fashioned, boring, granny-ish and so on. I really wanted to embrace the nostalgia of a granny square afghan while showing that they can be stylish! I chose City Tweed yarn from KnitPicks and complementary earth tones rather jewel tones. Once I got the hang of the pattern, it is like comfort food. I know what I’m doing and it is easy and relaxing. The tweed is welcoming and warm while suggesting a bygone age. I think the final piece will give joy for years to come. You can see the whole project come together from getting the yarn to blocking and using in the gallery below

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