My favourite month. It’s Socktober. That time of year where you are playing catch up between cold feet and socks on needles. Maybe it’s just me?

I have several sock projects on the go. I have stripy She Sells Seashells which I have just finished the second sock on. Then the lovely cabled pink Calenardhon, a sock fit for any Rider of Rohan and finally Partridge a sock that will guarantee that you learn how to Eye of Partridge like a superstar. All of these are upcoming patterns. The sock pattern that’s going to get published this month though is Full Fathom Five. Finally! I’m really excited to share this pattern with you. It’s so lovely you aren’t going to want to put shoes on!

But what if I’m sick of socks I hear you ask? This is not something I’m familiar with. I adore making socks, but I’m here to help. Extend the meaning of Socktober just a little and hand-socks (gloves) are within grasp. I’m going to the Calendardhon pattern as elbow length gloves because I’m convinced they will look amazing. So have a look at various sites, check out my Sweetheart socks which are a free download. Or broaden Socktober out to gloves, or even cowls, which some people swear are neck socks!

Whatever you decide to do, Socktober will reward you.

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