When do we get new patterns?

Close up of beaded Cathedral Grove Wrap

Cathedral Grove – a lovely scarf/wrap is still in testing. All gauge issues have been ironed out and I expect this to complete testing by end of July maybe early August. Barring complications it will be ready to publish quickly for the fall.

Socks! I had hoped to develop a cool Halloween sock for this year, but it’s going to have to wait till next year I’m afraid. The socks currently in test or development are as follows: Full Fathom Five (publication expected in August), Hummingbird (still in development) and Teddy Bear’s Picnic (still in development). Based on the type of sock Picnic and Hummingbird are I’m expecting to release them for Spring 2022.

But fear not, I do have some Fall and Winter patterns that will be dropping through September – November. There is a fabulous knee length Midwinter sock and an easy Fair Isle hat to keep people going.

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