Macaroon Blossom Afghan

Macaroon Blossom Afghan

For my second foray into crochet afghans I’m making the Macaroon Blossom Afghan by Astrii Elizabeth. Follow along and we’ll find out if my finished project comes close to the ideal!

Ravelry: Macaroon Blossom Afghan pattern by Astri Elisabeth
Macaroon Blossom Afghan By Astrii Elizabeth

14 July 2021

The journey starts! My first parcel of yarn arrived today. The yarn is a cotton/nylon blend from Scheepjes called stonewashed and all the colours are named after various mineral rocks. I am using the actual yarn recommended. I think this is the first time in 15 years that this is happened. Hopefully it means that I can really compare my crochet skills with the mastery shown in the samples photos.

There are so many colours in this afghan. I struggled to find a supplier who could sell me all the yarn at reasonable shipping prices. In the end I got my yarn from Lovecrafts and Artisanthropy. The parcel from Artisanthropy arrived this morning. Parcel from Lovecrafts will get here when it gets here. I am dependent on the whims of the USPS.

Right now I am admiring my afghan in it’s unrealized potential state. Somehow it’s going to go from the yarn above to that amazing afghan!