Cathedral Grove Test Knit

lacy scarf or wrap on a mannequin

I love starting a new test knit group. I know some people have bad experiences, but I’ve been very lucky with really lovely and communicative test knitters. I’m sure this one will be no exception!

A thing I love when seeing my pattern knitted by someone else is the yarn choice. People pick amazing yarns that I’ve never heard of or would never have thought of for the specific project. I get so exciting thinking of the design in a new yarn.

I’m really in love with this pattern. It’s a very simple pattern, consisting of a single lace repeat over 16 rows with a picot edging. But sometimes that’s what we want for the scarf or wrap that goes everywhere and can just be thrown on for a little elegance.

Also, a pattern where the repeats can be memorized is a great TV knitting pattern and those are always welcome! I can’t wait to get this pattern through test knit and final tech edits by the end of the summer. It’s just a lovely clean lace

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