A tidy stash

I have had yarn all over my living room for days. It has been stashed and squirrelled away in all corners. But I finally created sections to manage the chaos.

In the cubby beside me I have the current WIPs, my books, my note book, scissors, notions that kind of thing. Then I have a wine rack filled with yarn which I know what the yarn will become, there’s more socks, a poncho or possibly a cardigan, another wrap and a bolero jacket.

Once we move on from this section I have an ottoman of yarn that I love, I just don’t know what you are going to become yet. And finally because I really am addicted to yarn buying, I have a carboard box of pretty yarn to look at.

How much yarn is too much yarn?

It’s a trick question! There is no such thing as too much yarn. I have yarn I don’t love, but it’s useful (scrap yarn, testing yarn, I’ve lost all my stitch markers so make yarn ones) you get the idea.

Then I have yarn that I love deeply but I’m afraid to start something as it has to be the ‘right’ project for this special yarn.

Hope everyone out there is enjoying good weather in the northern hemisphere and getting to knit outside. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, congratulations! It’s indoor snuggle knitting time.