Odds and Sods after a long weekend

Cat Update

I’ve got a cat meowing at me forcibly to complain about his neutering and the being kept inside and the terrible cone around his head. We’ve got 7 more days and he’s going to really have lost it by the end of the week. Meanwhile the other cat brought in a live rat last night and placed it happily on the rug. Then it ran away and he was ever so surprised.

We were ever so not pleased with the result. Finally found it cowering in a rolled up yoga mat and managed to send it back outside where it belonged.

Cooking inspirations

In cooking news I have been informed by my carrot, celery and onion hating child that Lasagne (containing all of those things) is her very favourite and I must make it at least every week. After years of not really enjoying making lasagne (it just took so long), I have gotten it down to a fine art. Instant pot for the ragu and using a blend of ricotta, parmesan and herbs for the cheese layer have reduced the prep time to around 1 1/2 hours. Which I can live with.

I’ve been using a local meal kit service and they have been amazing. Great value and really interesting meals. This week I’ve got some lemon parmesan scallop risotto with spinach and spicy pork dan dan noodles. The best part is their zero waste meals. I’m not fretting over all the plastic as everything comes in a long plastic tub with little containers inside. It’s all the mise en place done for me. All I have to do is cook the food, wash the tub and then put it outside for pick up.


Oh yes, there’s always knitting! My Cathedral Grove wrap is coming along fabulously. I started it in laceweight and it looked beautiful but I decided it was too delicate for a pattern that most people would buy and also that it would be difficult to care for when it was meant to be an everyday scarf. So I doubled the lace. It’s still delicate but has the extra strength and weight that doubling the yarn gives garments. I’m knitting it in 100% baby alpaca and it feels so soft and light!