Feeling hopeful

Feeling hopeful

Beloved and I got vaccinated on our wedding anniversary. The people vaccinating us thought it was very funny. We were just thrilled to get access to a vaccine and feel like we would be protected soon. We had takeaway pizza for dinner and our second anniversary meal with Nutmeg who was quite put out that she never got to go with us to previous anniversary meals. My anniversary goal for next year is to get to a nice restaurant and wear a dress. Probably not heels though. I think COVID has killed any desire for me to wear heels ever again. Meanwhile our tardy tree decided to finally blossom and go all out this year with big fat pink blossoms. We had two weeks of blossom before they fell off, which is amazing!

How’s the knitting?

I’m still working on the Rheinlust shawl. This has been a great project and I expect to finish it soon. I’m on the decreases and so can see the finish line with every row. Once blocked, this shawl is going to be amazing. I’ll make sure to post photos of pre and post block to show the difference.

Meanwhile the fireweed socks that I moaned and got all caught up on have done really well on downloads across various platforms. I’m very chuffed. On Ravelry I’ve seen a couple of pictures of the socks being made and they are picking some fabulous wool and making so gorgeous socks!

Pattern releases

The next pattern release, sometime in May is going to be the Bad Hair Day hat. This is a Fair Isle hat using two colours only. I’m still working through the crown. I can’t decide between a slouchy hat or a more fitted beanie. Maybe give an option for both?

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