No time for knitting

No time for knitting

I’ve had no time to knit and I hate it. It affects everything.

I put on tomato soup in our instant pot for dinner and was making a much bigger batch than I’d ever made before. Somehow I set the delayed start but thought it was actually going to take 6 hours to cook! Mad panic while I searched around for another meal to make. Finished that, realised the mistake and made tomato soup as well. Utterly exhausted from it. No time for knitting.

Boxes of client paperwork, confusion over allocations of expenses and trying to get people up to date for tax filings. A day of zoom meetings. Exhausted. Collapse into a bath and then bed. No time for knitting.

Wake up this morning, appalling headache right behind my right eye. Drugs, back to bed, get to a place where I can function. I still have lots of paperwork.

Will there be time for knitting?

There needs to be. I need to read books and I need to knit for my own well being. It is the cheapest most enjoyable form of therapy for me. Not just the designing a pattern or poring over websites and books looking at other people’s patterns and finished works. The physical act of knitting, of moving my hands, of feeling yarn move through my fingers and watching something come together is incredibly rewarding. Like reading where I am escaping into another world in a book, I find knitting restorative. So even if I can’t get a good long stretch of an hour or three in, I need to knit for twenty minutes (a meditation time) just to maintain.

I’m sure other people have this problem too. No time for knitting, especially if it is complex lace repeats where one repeat might take an hour to do. Or a large jumper where you aren’t really moving forward on and don’t want to stop at a funny point.

Even worse are the smaller projects. I think of socks in sections and can’t put them down until a section is finished – top, leg, heel, foot, toe. Most of which are going to take more that twenty minutes when knitting time is scarce.


Leftover sock yarn dragon scales blankets. This has two benefits. You can make a single scale and feel like you achieved something, you are using up little bits of leftover sock yarn and tidying your stash while making something. I have a whole bag where little bits of sock yarn go just for this purpose.

The other solution I have is granny squares. Make a crochet granny square and move on with the rest of your busy life.

Eventually you’ll have finished a large project that kept you sane while you were making it.