It’s going to be a lovely spring!

Garden of snowdrops

It’s March 2021 and it is definitely going better than last year. Lots of good news today and a whole lot of stuff going on. Here’s a quick update from me on what to expect this month.

My mum is now booked for her first dose of a vaccine. It’s on March 17th. We’re taking it as an auspicious date for someone of Irish descent. It’s going to be a grand St Patrick’s Day.

Meanwhile the very lovely Hanna Germander has put me down as the featured designer of the month on her blog. I’m dead chuffed. Check it out below!

Unfortunately I’m super busy with some other work and so my knitting is on a full back burner for the month of March. I do expect to have a couple of interesting posts up though.

First up: I’ve been trying out a bunch of faux moss stitches and will have a full report on those. I’m thinking of calling them lichen stitches. I love moss stitch but it does hurt my hands and I know it hurts other people as well. So anything that gives the appearance without the pain is a good thing!

Then I’m doing a long post or two on sock heels. Only two kinds, traditional heel using either eye of partridge or slip stitches and my beloved German short rows. I’m going to look at the math behind them and how you can adjust the basic formula to a sock of any size. Even a giant Christmas stocking if you want!

Finally I’m determined to get my Fireweed sock pattern out this month after a couple of false starts.

Check back in every couple of days for updates. Send me ideas for things you’d like to see in the coming months!

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