Persian tiles completed!

Persian tiles completed!

The Persian Tiles crochet blanket is finally done.

By the numbers:

  • 1 false start with wrong colours
  • 10 days waiting because I misjudged the amount of teal and blue wool needed
  • 2 seasons of The Mentalist watched
  • Approx 100 hours of time spent
  • Approx 3000 yards of wool
  • At least 6 new skills learnt
  • 3 errors n the final piece. Which I am happy about. 1 will never be noticed, 1 was deliberate (I like an error that shows it is homemade) and 1 that was a genuine error. Non of them detract from the final piece at all.
  • Enormous satisfaction in finished product.

I learnt a great deal about crochet in this project. I also learnt a lot about pattern writing for someone who doesn’t necessarily have all the skills but wants to learn and just needs a little extra explanation in the pattern. I can definitely use this in my knitting patterns going forward.

I liked the project so much that there’s going to be more crochet in my future. Even if it’s only a border on a knitted shawl. The finished blanket is shown below after being steamed and blocked and is everything I hoped it would be. Prior to this I’d only ever done a crochet dishcloth! So feel free to try a ‘harder’ pattern. It is perfectly possible to create something amazing with a little patience and willingness to learn the new skills.