Bearded Reedling

No it’s not a look at this bird wouldn’t it make a great yarn colour post. Sidenote: Birds are amazing inspirations for yarn colours.

This bird popped up in my twitter feed this morning and I just fell in love. Look at that fluffy little ball of determination perching amongst the reeds. It’s going to make the best of a difficult situation and perch dammit.

Meet The Bearded Reedling: A Fluffy Egg-Shaped Bird That Can Do The Splits  | The Rainforest Site News

He’s good inspiration for me today as I have to get a chart done for a pattern and I had a sock setback, where I had to rip back an entire heel. So I’m getting this chart done and the pattern out to tech editing today and that sock is getting finished. If the bearded reedling can do it so can I!