Persian Tiles Blanket

Persian Tiles Blanket

I am working out my issues with crochet by doing the Persian Tiles blanket by Jane Crowfoot. It is an amazing pattern and I hope I can write a knitting pattern half as well at some point in the near future. I am not someone who crochets, I cannot fix a mistake on the fly or intuit what the pattern is about to do. So following a pattern where the instructions are so clear is fantastic.

I also made a mistake in the colours. I bang on about this, but colour is important. If the colour isn’t inspiring you, your project becomes a chore rather than a pleasure to make. It also can become very unattractive. The picture above shows this – my orange was too brown, my yellow was too neon and my pale blue was too pale. It all added up to an unattractive and uninspiring mess. So I changed them. Final octagon is gorgeous and I’m happy to keep going. Which is good, because there are 15 more to make plus a bunch of smaller squares!

I get that yarn can be expensive and changing a colour can feel like a waste, but you have work on something that makes you happy. Also, I will find other projects that those colours are going to work with perfectly. The extra yarn will just help me towards my ultimate goal of achieving SABLE status (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy).

Looking forward to sharing this project with you as it progresses.

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