Fibre, Fiber or Fibre?

I Just read an email quite excitedly about better fibre offers. Took me to second paragraph to discover they meant internet solutions not yarn. I was genuinely disappointed. I may be a wee bit yarn crazy.

On a slightly different note, what do people use? I have English as my first language. But I have NZ English, British English and Canadian English all swirling about in my brain and combining in funny ways. So I prefer fibre for yarn but will use fiber or fibre interchangeably, same with meter/metre. I no longer know whether the British or Canadians use backsplash or splashback in kitchens, again I’m amendable to both. I say tom-ah-to, but will acquiesce to tom-eh-to under duress from Nutmeg. I have moved to Cilantro over Coriander for leafy herb (where the h is pronounced). I spell aluminium with the ‘i’ and pronounce it that way and am was outraged that North Americans pronounced it ‘wrong’ until discovering that they had dumped an important ‘i’ from the word. They are still wrong to me, but I now understand why!