It’s in the mail

Had a bit of a melt-down yesterday afternoon. Nutmeg and I went for a short walk and got to return books to the library and get new books out. Yay! The library was open and it was great. Then I had to send a package to Australia containing two rather gorgeous (if I say so myself) hats. There was no queue, everything was great. Job well done.

Nutmeg and I walked home with her eating a mini blizzard choc brownie extreme from Dairy Queen. We observed the ducks and geese in a stand off in the park and skirted round the vast quantities of disgusting goose poo. Goose poo is really the worst bird poo.

A good morning for all. Afternoon spent working away on a bunch of things, productivity is up. Then disaster. I get an email from Australia, with the address I’m supposed to send hats to.

This address is a 2 1/2 hour drive from the address I did send the hats to, based on their PayPal address. Full freak-out ensues. I send Beloved out to post office to see if we can get parcel back before it goes into the system (we missed it by two hours). I am on hold for about 20 minutes with Canada Post waiting for the person who tells me how you intercept mail once it is in the system. Turns out you can’t. You don’t own the mail once you give it to the post office. The recipient owns the mail at that point and you cannot interfere with it at all.

This means I have to send the email I’ve been avoiding. To Australia. To check if maybe they have a mail forward (oh please, please, please say yes). Or there is a family member in the address I did send this package to. Something, anything. And the answer came back this morning….YES…. they have a mail forward in place. Such relief.

Moral of story: My brain is mush, double check addresses, even when PayPal helpfully gives you a shipping address, update your PayPal when you move houses to avoid giving panic attacks to small suppliers. Oh, and it appears the mail is genuinely sacrosanct.

Here’s a photo of Nutmeg, dressed for extreme comfort checking the fit on one of the hats.