Whitewater Wrap

So I made this in June 2020 for my mum. She was going to get it when she came to visit but we’ve now given up and it’s going in the post in a couple of days. The travel thing just isn’t safe right now. At least she gets this beautiful wrap. I wish it was my design but it’s by the very talented Amy van de Laar from www.baroquepurls.com. Its deceptively simple but incredibly effective. My friend G. oohed and aahed over this one and loves the fact that it has a moving pattern. So I’m adding it to the list of things I need to be thinking about and working on. A wrap that has two patterns in either a rectangle or triangle shape. I like the idea of half the wrap being simple garter or stocking stitch like it is here, but I’m also curious about blending two lace patterns. Could end up looking dreadfully muddled if done wrong though.

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