Test update

Nutmeg had her test today – It was fine, she was very displeased, but was feeling wretched as well. I think this is the only time ever where I have been pleased to hear that it is most likely Strep throat. So now we have lots of ice-cream and are at home and relaxing. The main lesson I learnt was that this is going to happen every time someone in the house gets sick. Normally we’d do the fluids, stay in bed, and get better. Now we have to get an appointment, get to the appointment, with masks, gloves and anything else you need to ensure other people’s safety. Then we wait for results. It is going to be really hard on the health care providers but also on families.

On a brighter note, I was hugely impressed with BC health. They were amazingly helpful and it was great how fast I was able to get Nutmeg her test and that the results will turn around within 72 hours.

Picture is one that Nutmeg did over the summer to celebrate my new ventures. It’s a very happy penguin!

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