Simple childhood illness in pandemic times

We are off for our first COVID tests today. Nutmeg got ill after attending a summer camp – which was great and they took lots of precautions – and it probably isn’t even COVID. But wow, dealing with a simple childhood illness, fever, sore throat, nausea etc. is really different in a pandemic. We need to get a test to make sure if it is COVID the camp is fully informed. We need to isolate her and be careful around her ourselves so we don’t get sick. Easier said than done. Also, she is scared now, we’ve been very reassuring but they know that we are hunkered down at home hiding from this disease and now she feels like she made a mistake by getting sick. It’s tough.

I was already feeling mixed emotions about going back to school but now I realize every little sniffle and illness that races through our school and our friend’s schools are going to really be a lot of work and isolating and time off for everyone.

So it has been a couple of days of realizing how much things will change/have changed in terms of how we deal with the ‘normal’ illnesses.

I’m knackered.