How to make a sock – Part 1

I used to be very scared of socks. I liked flat knitting – I loved blankets or rectangular shawls. Then I discovered knitting in the round. Loved it – no purl stitch – wonderful. But socks were still my fear. The number of needles, the tiny size of the needles, how do you do a heel and so on and so on. It was all very intimidating and so I was sure I was never going to be a sock person. But socks should be demystified. They are easy!!! They are fast to knit. You get just the comfiest thing you can have on your feet. They may be the best thing you can knit. After a facecloth I think they make a great starter project where you can get real pride from finishing a pair of socks and wiggling your toes in them once completed.

But many sock patterns really do require a lot of knitting knowledge to decipher and you think you need specialized equipment so they are off-putting. So here is a series on how to make a sock, with common pitfalls and ways you can adapt nearly any pattern you want.

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